شنبه، خرداد ۱۳، ۱۳۸۵

Going to USA

Hi again. Now it is time to talk about my journey to US as I always dreamed to go to US. After finishing my presentation and having a chat with a nice guy (a sociologist) I had to go back to the Hostel and pack my stuff and wait for the minibus which was going to Buffalo airport in US. It was about one hour travel but I was a bit afraid about the check in the border since you know the story about my passport!

When we arrived to the border a soldier came and asked every one about their passports and their aim of travel. Well, He asked me to get off and go to their office for answering some questions. After about 45 minutes I had to continue my travel with the next bus to Buffalo airport but anyway I did not loose my flight because there was also a delay so I arrived to CHICAGO (My next transit) and there was another delay again there. First I was a bit upset but then I felt well this is a good opportunity to go to downtown Chicago because I have always hearing about Chicago style in Architecture.

So I caught a train called Blue line to go to the downtown Chicago at 10 midnights to visit Millennium Park. Here I could understand what downtown means because in every street corner some poor black people were asking for a change or help. One of them wanted to accompany me for more safety and I said thanks a lot! (in Persian in fact “ Ghorboone dastet.man tanhai bishtar ehsase amniat mikonam!!!”

When I found the Millennium Park it was about 11 p.m and a lady (the parks’ guard) told me that they are going to close the park since many homeless people sleep there. So I took some pictures of monuments and a new installed sculpture called “ “ and went back to catch the train to the airport. But I did not have any change for the ticket and tried to change it via a machine when a black guy appeared and asked me for some changes. I told him I do not have any change and he asked me to go and find a shop or something .Well then he could get his ticket as well!

We found a sandwich shop and I bought something to eat and we talked a bit. He was from Wisconsin looking for job and he has a nice black accent. I said “what the hell is this Chicago, there is no changing machine in the station and he repeated Chicago, Chicago with a funny accent”.

We went back and I paid his $ 2 ticket and he got off one station before me. I spent that night in the airport for the next morning flight to Dallas as a very short transit to go to Aberquki.